Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is not Teddy :wonder kid Joel

My Neighbour's kid.. do you know i kept Joel in Cub-board then my Brother took this picture from His mobile phone. and
Who Had been
played in My House

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Smoking is Injuries toHealth..
(Your Health and Others too...)

Smoking is Injuries to Health !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today:National Youth day:(12th January)

Swami vevekananda(born on jan 1863-1902)

Swami Vivekananda
(his original name is Narendranath Dutt),
the great Spritual Leader,Who was adressed
at Chicago World Religious Parliament in 1893.
Swami's vast knowledge of Eastern and Western culture as well as
his deep spritual insight,Brilliant Conversation ,Philosphy,and his teachings made him as a Swami.
Government of india diclared 12th january as National Youth Day.
I like swami's books very much,which gives you a healthy mind,
meaning of life and value of the parents and elders etc..

Raja Yoga, i like this book very much.of course remaining also...
i have sami's all small books(you may buy even at railway stations also)
my favourite quotations of swmi..


"Stand up, Be boLd,and be Strong.take the Whole Responsility
on your own Shoulders,and Know that Your are the Creator of the World''

"Be not afraid of anything.

You Will do Marvellous Work.

the moment you fear,

Your Nobody.

Be hero

Always say,'have no fear'.

Tell this to everybody.

''Have No Fear'.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


''True Friends are alw
ays with us..

Friends who helps us when we are in troubleAre real friends.
For friend in need is a friend indeed''

Bloggers Article:
Brooke shield, Model and the
actress..She was the true friend of Michael Jackson,the king of can see she was at Jackson memorial.Queen Elizabeth Taylor also Michael Jackson's best friend.

Friday, January 8, 2010


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Private School:Lack of Care Led to students death

Blogger'S Special ARTICLE/VIEW:
(Timmapuram Road,picture is taken from my car)>
Now a days Many Parents are very crazy and mad about the private/corporate schools.their prime MOTTO is money...on the other hand the safety of the students is least one.thanks for their greediness.why kids are away from parents?there is no schools in their town/district/?do you know ?i felt very bad when i red about this incident ,i decided to write about it.may be this post/article will useful for parents. i think this incident is purely lack of Immediate action by the school authorities.if they act promptly AKASH will be alive. according to my view.

School Boys death:Father Blame Management,Though The BOY went missing on December 25,The Parents Informed only THREE DAYS Later(After Buried by the Prema Samajam,the orphans organisation)
NEWS:(HINDU paper) In my town (Visakhapatnam,Andhrapradesh) one student dead due to the negligence,lack of care.9Th class students Name Akash Goyal who studying in Vignan School at Timmapuram on the outskirts of the city(Vizag/Visakhapatnam's)Went Missing from his school on December 25,2009 He was From JHARKHAND his Relatives Received a call from his School-Teacher Phanigrahi informed that AKASH GOYAL Was missing from school from 7.30 pm on December 25,2009 according to Sawarmal Agarwal.
The management had not made any effort to locate/trace his son still we reached the school on December 29,2009.then parents and relatives were urgently Summoned by the school management on Saturday Morning and Told that their son had Drowned at sea after He went For a Swim along with some other schoolmates on December 25,2009. Blogger:my question what the management and warden doing sleeping)
The one-town Police Had found an Unidentified Body on The Beach,the same evening had informed a Paper statement .The next day There were no Claimants.the BODY was handed over to the PREMA SAMAJAM and body was BURIED(So sad)on December 29,2009.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

MOVIES: India(Film festival)

Pune International Film Festival
Blogger Article
Hi friends ...we will talk about movies we all are like movies..right its a great entertainment. for me and you also.
one of my hobbies is movies.just not only watching i will observe from tittles to climax, for instance action,subject,message,movie worth it or not? and expressions from actors...OK fine
In Pune(Maharashtra) Pune International Film Festival Will Be Inaugurate By the Bollywood Ever Green Actor Dev Anand
at The Balagandharva Theatre here(pune) ON January 7(January 7 to January 14)(he was not only actor,director,producer and writer he wrote his own Auto Biography 'Romance With Life'..if not read read it its nice Auto-Bio and to know many facts about the octogenarian actor.. i like Dev s style,enthusiasm and interest about life and I'm fan of dev..even I'm not belong to his era)
In this festival more than 160 films from 160 countries will be shown,to be held at five venues till January 14.there are three categories of competitive films:
1)International Films,
2)Marathi Films,
3) and Student Films.

PIFF,Started with 50 films from eight countries in 2002 and it is also the only film-festival in India which is offers cash awards for international cinema.